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How to Format Block Quotations

The most effective method to Format Block Quotations The most effective method to Format Block Quotations The most effective method to Format Block Quotations By Mark Nichol A square citation is a particular collection of type set off from the default text (additionally called the running content), generally recognized by inclusion of line spaces above and beneath and designing of a smaller edge (and some of the time even kind of an alternate point size or an unmistakable textual style). When duplicating composed content from another source, consider setting the cited material off from the remainder of the substance in a square citation in the event that it is in excess of a hundred words in length. comprises of more than one passage. is comprised of various shorter sections (so it would look like an indented list without numbers or projectiles). establishes a letter or other correspondence, complete with welcome, signature, and so forth, or another kind of templated structure. requires any uncommon arranging. In any case, decide if it may be smarter to just reword a long citation in at least one typical sections with maybe some halfway citations when expressions ought to be recreated verbatim. At the point when the primary line of each passage in the running content is indented, square citations of a solitary section, and the first of various sections, are not indented, yet ensuing ones ought to be. At the point when sections in running content are recognized not by space however by line spaces, follow a similar configuration in square citations. In the event that the square citation is embedded in a surrounding section that proceeds after the citation, don't indent the primary line of the remainder of the passage. On the off chance that sections are set off by line spaces, another passage that quickly follows a square citation ought to be isolated from the citation by two line spaces with the goal that the new section isn't confused with a continuation of the section in which the citation is embedded. At the point when a square citation is the continuation of a basic sentence, use accentuation or capitalization (or a deficiency in that department) appropriately. For this situation, the citation is a continuation of the presentation, so no accentuation or capitalization is essential: â€Å"The essayist portrayed the ghost as a tall, slight phantom of translucent constitution, as though made of smoke . . . .† (Note additionally that a square citation isn't encased in quotes; it is accepted that such an extract is cited material.) In the event that the primary expression of the cited material had initially been promoted (â€Å"A tall, flimsy phantom . . .†), quietly right it, as above; it’s not important to point out the change, as is now and then done in particular settings (â€Å"[a] tall, slim phantom . . .†). A lead-in line comprising of a total proviso, and the primary expression of the accompanying citation, ought to be dealt with something else: â€Å"The author depicted the ghost as follows: It was a tall, slim apparition of translucent constitution, as though made of smoke . . . .† Similar guidelines hold for run-in citations (those that are acclimatized into the running content): â€Å"The sage says that ‘a bonehead and his cash are soon parted.’† (Though the saying, remaining solitary, would start with a capitalized an, it is a piece of the surrounding sentence here and must be lowercased; then again, you could compose, â€Å"The sage says, ‘A nitwit and his cash are soon parted.’†) On the off chance that the author wishes to change or remark on a citation, a few procedures are accessible: To explain that a typographical mistake is in the first, embed sic (Latin for â€Å"thus,† or â€Å"so,† and meaning â€Å"as initially published†), emphasized and in sections, after the offense. Fare thee well, be that as it may, not to utilize this term as a printed grin, and if the citation is brimming with whimsical, obsolete, or variation spelling, an illustrative note before the citation is desirable over a citation more than once hindered by [sic]. At the point when you don’t need the whole citation to outline a point, you may erase immaterial entries and show the elision with ellipsis focuses. In any case, it isn't important to go before or follow a section with ovals to show that you are not replicating the whole content from which the selection is determined; the peruser will accept this. In the event that you should offer remark or explain a point, encase the note in sections, however be as brief as could be expected under the circumstances, or give a more extended illustrative note outside the citation. In the event that you wish to accentuate at least one words or expressions, follow the citation with the parenthesized note â€Å"Italics added† or â€Å"Emphasis mine,† or the other way around. However, a citation with surviving stress ought to be dealt with in an unexpected way: Insert the remark in sections promptly following your accentuation. Need to improve your English in a short time a day? Get a membership and begin accepting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Style class, check our famous posts, or pick a related post below:16 Substitutes for â€Å"Because† or â€Å"Because Of†How to Punctuate Descriptions of ColorsTitled versus Entitled

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Advanced Taxation Income Tax Assessment Act

Question: Talk about theAdvanced Taxationfor Income Tax Assessment Act. Answer: Presentation As per the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, TR2012/D1 salary from the trust home is distributable to the recipients according to the provisions notice in the trust deed. As contained under area 53A, pay produced from the trust home is registered by the terms and states of the trust deed. Such distributable salary is available in the hands of recipients at the rate determined under the arrangement of Australian Taxation System (Hoynes, Miller and Simon 2015). According to TD 2001/26 if a recipient of the trust bequest has enthusiasm for the estimation of advantages and the pay for the allotment of the benefits then the recipients can revoke their enthusiasm for the trust. According to segment 98(3) and 98(4), pay from trust home is at risk for tax collection in the books of trustee as for the portion of salary on part of its recipients (O'Connor 2016). In the given case, Bruce the sole agent of Pams bequest that was made under a testamentary trust oversaw business charge misfortune added up to $20,000 during the year 31 August 2014. Despite what might be expected, the testamentary trust caused benefit during the year finishing 30 June 2015 added up to $200,000 though the available salary during a similar period is $180,000. Thinking about the terms and states of the trust, Bruce assigned the trust salary earned to the recipients during the year 2015 based on designated rate (Doidge and Dyck 2015). Bruce appropriated the sum $40,000 to one of the recipients Ronda while half of the parity for example half ($200,000-$40,000) = $80,000 to Rani just as $80,000 to himself as half of the parity pay. Further, Bruce appropriated 20% of the salary to the recipients from the offer of premises since the parity pay was intended for additional speculation. In any case, the salary from the offer of premises was appropriated to Gina according to t he statement of capital dissemination on 18 July 2015, which was recorded on 29 August 2015 (Harrison 2015). As indicated by the Australian Taxation System rules of segment 102-25 is pertinent to the salary emerging from the capital resource of the optional trusts. According to the information accommodated the BCL Ltd pay from the capital resources are available in the books of the organization as disseminated to the recipients (Chua and Bedford 2015). Given that, the selling estimation of the premises is $2,400,000 though the expense of the premises is 800,000, which was procured on 23 October 1999. In this way, pay marked down of premises added up to ($2,400,000-$800,000) = 1,600,000 that is available according to the tax collection rules. According to the tax collection administering of ITAA97 charge on the pay $1600,000 at the pace of 45% added up to $720,000. Since, Bruce dispersed the piece of salary to one of the recipients at 20% and the remainder of the sum is utilized for venture reason in this manner the taxability of $720,000 is exposed to the limiting strategy at half. In any c ase, the business misfortune added up to $190,000 brought about during the year 2012-13 would be conveyed forward to till the year 2015. During the money related year 2015, loss of sum $190,000 can be set off with the pay earned during the year added up to $200,000 which will limit the duty obligation of the assessee (Neuman, Omer and Thompson 2015). Salary disseminated to Ronda $40,000 is qualified for charge obligation during the year 2015 at the rate indicated in the tax collection arrangement of Australia. According to the tax assessment rules, appropriation of salary from the trust domain is available in the hands of trust wholesaler at the pace of 45%. Consequently, the pay of $40,000 is available in the books of Bruce at the predefined rate. Likewise, pay appropriated to Rani added up to $80,000 is available in the books of Bruce during the year 2015. Be that as it may, pay regarding capital dispersion added up to 20% of would be available during the monetary year 2016 in light of the fact that the sum has been assigned to the recipients after the finish of money related year 2015 (Kousky and Shabman 2015). Thinking about the outcomes of tax collection from pay from trust, Bruce is required to pay burdens on the pay from trust just as salary from capital resources during the year 2015. Nonetheless, the taxability of the pay is exposed to the reasoning of limiting technique concerning the capital pay. Then again, current salary from the trust will be available by deducting the measure of all out loss of $170,000 brought about during the year 2013 since it was acquired from the business activity of the assessee (Doidge and Dyck 2015). Section A In the given circumstance, Lawrence Dixon and Sonya Dixon framed a family trust whose trustee was the bookkeeper of the family Mac Bury. The trust was made as an optional while the recipients of the trust were the makers youngsters. It has been given that the trust procured an investment property and protections in two recorded organizations. During the year 2015, all out receipt of the trust added up to $26,000 while the costs added up to $26,000 alongside the deterioration charges of $3,000 according to segment 40-25 ITAA97 (Tucker 2015). Further, measure of $8,000 as an intrigue cost was regarding the protections of AMP Ltd for obtaining of offers. If there should arise an occurrence of optional trust, recipients are not qualified for have fixed intrigue pay in the assets of the trust. Under the class of optional trust recipients are qualified to decide the salary as capital or income just as the rate at which the pay is to be gotten. With the end goal of foundation of the trust, there must be four significant jobs as maker, trustee, appointor and recipients. Trustee is viewed as the lawful proprietor of who keeps up all the exchanges having the position to sign the archives and other significant applications for endorsement (Feuer 2016). Then again, recipients of the trust are the people for whose preferences of the trust property is procured. In any case, it is significant that the recipients ought not obtain any generous enthusiasm for the trust resources yet they can reserve the option to get to the offer pay from the protections of the trust. Optional trust is shaped to use the advantage of duty risk, resource insurance, b equest arranging and possessions of land concerning the ventures, genuine domains and wellsprings of fixed resources. According to the TR in ITAA97, assessees are qualified to guarantee exclusion of half from the capital increase tax collection gave the recipients are people and not business associations (Feisee and Randall 2015). Appropriately, in the current circumstance optional trust has been shaped which earned all out salary of $26,000 while the cost were additionally $26,000. According to TD 2001/26, pay from the benefits and protections earned by trust is available regardless of whether such pay is appropriated to the recipients. Accordingly, pay earned as profit from the portions of AMP Ltd, CBA Ltd added up to $12,000, and $8,000 individually will be available in the books of the trust made by Dixon. Further, derivation on the intrigue costs is accessible to the trust added up to $8,000 just as the devaluation charges added up to $3,000. Be that as it may, recipients are absolved from the duty obligation on the since the recipients are people and have no generous enthusiasm for the benefits of the trust (Tool, Williamson and Whittenburg 2015). Despite what might be expected, costs on lease for the property added up to $18,000 are entitled for conclusion from the pay earned during the present tax asse ssment year. Part B The current case features the outcomes of assessment misfortunes earned by the optional trust just as from the business utilizing two low maintenance laborers. Proprietor of the business associations are Ken and Barb obtaining equivalent holding of offers while the trustee of the trust is KB Pty Limited. In any case, the recipients of the trust were the proprietors, their youngsters alongside different family members. According to the terms and states of the trust, available dispersion of salary to the recipients were at 28% to Ken, 56% to Barb and the equalization to the next relative during the year 2010-11. According to the tax assessment managing under ITAA 97, misfortune on business from the trust is estimated by the misfortune decided under the capital increases. According to ITAA 97, segment 36-10 misfortune on business pay is registered by deducting the misfortune acquired by the trust and the parity salary is available at the predetermined rate (Crawford 2016). Thusly, the p ay of the trust during the year 2010-11 added up to $170,000 would be available in the books of trustee KB Limited at 45%. Be that as it may, the reasoning of half can't be guaranteed since, the trustee of the optional trust is an organization and not person. Further, the salary of trust during the budgetary year 2011-12 summed 120,000 would have a similar ramifications as the pay burdened during 2010-11. Since the trustee didn't make political decision according to segment 272-80(1) in plan 2F of ITAA 1936, hence the salary of the trust circulated to recipients would be available in the hands of the trustee. Besides, the duty misfortune added up to $26,000 during the year 2012-13 while the measure of misfortune $34,000 during the year 2013-14 would be convey forward to the following succeeding year for set off from the pay $80,000. Races from family trust according to area 272-80 of calendar 2F, ITAA 1936 force the trustee to deduct the duty misfortunes acquired in the earlier years just as conclusion of specific costs and obligations. According to the tax assessment administering ITAA 97, salary from the trust distributable to the recipients is available in the hands of trustee according to the dispersion extent. Despite what might be expected, misfortune acquired from the business is qualified for conclusion from the pay in the resulting years. In this way, in the current case if the trustee made a political decision under segment 272-80(1) in plan 2F, ITAA 1936 then the salary is

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Impact of Competition on the Organization Free-Samples for Students

Question: How does Competition Impact on the Organization and its capacity to Serve its Markets? Answer: Presentation Coles grocery store is an enormous retail general store claimed and worked by Wesfarmers an Australian combination and the greatest organization in Australia. It was established by George Coles in Melbourne Australia in the year 1914 and constantly 2015 was the biggest retail showcase in the nation working 776 market stores. It has in excess of 100,000 representatives making it among the greatest managers in Australia. Its principle rival and opponent is Woolworths and together order in excess of 80% of the market in Australia (Aaker, 2013).Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd was at first claimed by Coles Group Ltd, anyway in 2006, the retail store was purchased by Wesfarmers Ltd in a takeover. Hierarchical Competencies, Definition and levels Meaning of Competencies - Competencies are the aptitudes that make one individual more compelling than another in playing out an errand or position (Cunningham, 2002). These create on a few levels. Realizing them permits centering the preparation endeavors to have a Human Team that shows in their conduct the key skills of accomplishment to survive or accomplish the normal outcomes. Authoritative Competencies are grouped into three levels: Level 1: Organizational Competencies: They allude to those abilities that every individual from the element must show. Normally they are identified with the Core Competence, in other words that focal skill from which it infers or supports a serious position.When it is referenced that it must be obvious in the exhibition of every partner and supervisor, it is said that it doesn't prohibit anybody: Managers, Leaders, and Collaborators. Level 2: Technical Competencies: Related to the skills of every zone or procedure, which recognize them. They are per sonally connected with key abilities of accomplishment. Subsequently, they are explicit to every one. A few abilities might be rehashed from region to zone or procedure in process, however when the others are characterized, they certainly give the separating character (Czinkota, Ronkainen, Ortiz-Buonafina, 2004). Model: Marketing zone: inventiveness, advancement, relational abilities (undivided attention, realizing how to ask, business and promoting composing), business aptitudes (introduction introductions), administration disposition (which likely could be hierarchical capability), connections or self-assured relational connections Financial Area: Numerical abilities, examination aptitudes, logical reasoning (supervisors), dynamic Level 3: Specific Skills: Are those capacities required for execution in a position or occupation is higher than the normal or equivalent to expected by the status of the authority in the equivalent (Doyle, 2013). Model: explicit basic abilities of progress to do a place of Salesperson: relational abilities, business aptitudes (introductions, treatment of protests, terminations), administration mentality (which can likewise be authoritative fitness) effect of rivalry on business sectors The motivation behind this segment is to arrange and organize the data important to finish the information and portrayal of the business, both the whole division where the action is to be created (outer data) and the individual venture or organization (inward data) .This data will break down circumstances and dangers of nature, qualities and shortcomings of the organization, venture the advancement of the market and the earth and build up the destinations and procedures of the advertising blend. Outside or advertise data It isn't simply the best way to separate. There are the individuals who are wagering on development in their items and administrations, or who, for instance, are searching for new appropriation channels. Likewise, they offer the most reduced value ensure (Tracy, n.d.). Another approach to separate itself is by utilizing an item or administration for a particular market section, for instance premium items/services.A administration methodology may need to do sooner or later with any of these procedures, you can even coincide with them, and anyway it is something different.Potentialcustomer markets A faithful client, each time you have a need that your association can flexibly, will consider you, which produces repeating and cross-selling.A steadfast client, you will get astounding criticism about your association in your circles of impact. This is free publicizing. These circles, up to this point, were his family members, companions and direct contacts. Today they have extended hugely because of informal organizations, giving an amazing intensity of impact to the assessment of a solitary customer. As indicated by (Sweeney, MacLellan, Dorey, 2007)A steadfast client needs to keep working with you, so it will push you to consistently improve, teaming up when you do a study, or making you aware of the parts of your administration that you have to improve. A faithful client is the perfect possibility to offer you new items and administrations that you bring to the market, or items/administrations of more noteworthy worth. It will assist you with assessing them, and you will get them with certainty, since they know from whom they come.A steadfast client is happy to pay more for your administration than for your opposition, in light of the fact that for him, the estimation of your cozy relationship with him has esteem. The relationship with the customer raises the leave obstructions. A help procedure is a self-continuing system. On the off chance that each dependable client prescribes you to other potential clients, they additionally become steadfast clients, and the cycle is taken care of back, you will pull in an ever increasing number of clients, simply concentrating on fulfilling them. Your promoting endeavors will be substantially more powerful, on the grounds that pulling in a solitary client, you are increasing some more. Because of this wonder, you can in the medium term, diminish your promoting spending, unafraid that you r deals will diminish. Given the distinctive natural angles that impact business action, administrators need to consider the various patterns in detail so as to settle on choices on a strong premise that will lead them to success.In this sense, one of the apparatuses of assessment of the innovative, political, social and monetary factors in the purported PEST examination, a device with which to analyze the earth and recognize the potential chances and dangers (Egan, 2011). Effects of outside variables. The two factors that influence promoting methodology of Coles Supermarket are Technological factor and socio-social factors.The process must be executed in a few stages, which on account of the mechanical variables of an organization will be done as follows: Innovative variables What are the key mechanical elements? The initial step is to draw up a rundown with those specialized parts of the segment's enthusiasm, completing an estimating concentrate more than quite a long while, so you can be arranged when the opportunity arrives (Ryan, 2017). These parameters include: Level of mechanical turn of events. Level of implantation of data innovations. Level of mechanical out of date quality. Level of GDP committed to R D I. Effect of the web and rising advances on showcasing technique. The dealing power with clients. For instance, because of the web and online trade, organizations have had the option to dispense with go-betweens as a rule, which implies a decrease of expenses (Ryan, 2017). This is additionally what Coles Supermarket has done to consolidate innovation with advertising procedure. The dealing power with providers. Having a request the board programming in all appointments, for instance, will assist us with carrying out brought together crude material requests with which we can acquire better costs because of economies of scale. This is a bit of leeway to the general procedure of showcasing the results of the grocery store Contention between contenders. The fuse of another specialized procedure that improves the nature of the item and brings down its cost will serve the brand to exceed expectations in the market. Potential contenders. Prior to the episode of the web, for instance, little organizations had a limited extent of activity, however these days they are incorporated into the worldwide market, so multinationals and huge organizations, for example, Coles must consider (Doyle, 2013). Substitute items or administrations. Chiefs will likewise must be aware of new mechanical elements of an organization that permit to offer a similar assistance yet with an alternate innovation. What components are need? When we have arranged the various focuses, the association must choose the need it allots to every single one of them. Other compelling factors inside this measurement might be showcase size, level of advancement, wage levels, media communications, foundations, accessibility of physical and budgetary elements, cost of cash, and the Inflation list. Measurement socio social It incorporates prevailing social examples, instructive level, segment factors, for example, populace development rate, age dispersion, portability; Educational factors, for example, level of general and explicit preparing; The frameworks of qualities and convictions, standards of lead, and so on. Which impact the interest of specific areas (Milligan, 2012). The segments of a general public offer a lot of qualities and convictions, some of them are unimportant to an organization, others influence its method for acting.For model, a general public that empowers serious and outreach, or that transforms effective men into specialists to whom it tries to emulate, will support the rise of organizations and the perfect individuals to run them.Ecological values are another part of developing significance, mirroring the degree of improvement and training of the present society. In this way in its showcasing technique Coles should show that it underpins social qualities, for example, condition and instructive qualities to sell more.Politico-lawful variables build up the guidelines of the game in which organizations work. In each monetary framework, open inst

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Transfer Admission Rates

Know Your Chances of Admission Before Starting the Transfer Application Process With the first semester well underway for most members of the Class of 2018, some students may be facing the disappointing realization that their top-choice school is not living up to their expectations. Maybe the decision to attend a school far from home feels overwhelming, or the atmosphere or classes aren’t as expected. Studies show that as many as one in three students transfer schools at least once before earning their diploma, and that a quarter of those students change schools more than once. Having been through the process once already, it can be tempting to approach applications on autopilot, but for transfer applicants, just as for freshman applicants, knowledge and research are key. Not only do requirements for transfer applicants differ, but in some cases it can actually be more difficult to gain admission as a transfer student. The common misconception that if a students doesn’t get into his or her top-choice college he or she can spend a year at another school then transfer into the dream school is just that—a misconception. While some institutions may admit a higher percentage of transfer students some years, the truth is that many desirable schools have such high retention rates that very few spots open up for new students. This makes it tougher for transfer students to gain admission. Here are the transfer and overall admit rates for students entering Fall 2013 (the most recent data available): School Transfer Admit Rate Overall Admit Rate Boston College 28.9% 32% Brown University 6.2% 9.2% Cornell University 20.9% 15.5% Dartmouth College 8.3% 10.4% Georgetown University 17.5% 16.6% Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4.2% 8.2% New York University 28.8% 32% Stanford University 2.0% 5.7% Tufts University 15.8% 18.7% University of California-Los Angeles 25.9% 20.4% University of Pennsylvania 11.6% 12.1% University of Southern California 53.4% 19.6% Yale University 2.9% 6.7% For transfer applicants, one of the best things you can do is arm yourself with knowledge. Standardized testing requirements, deadlines and requisite essays and recommendation letters may all be different this time around, so be sure that you know the particulars of how and when to apply. Thoroughly research the schools you’re considering applying to. Beyond statistics and admit rates, you may also want to investigate whether or not your top-choice schools offer housing for transfer students. Try to talk to a transfer coordinator to get an idea of which courses will transfer over for credit at your new school and whether or not they have an orientation program when you arrive to your new campus. Overall, knowing the ins and outs of the process, maintaining realistic expectations, and doing thorough research will help to minimize your stress and set you up for success at your new school.

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Frankenstein - 1112 Words

Texts composed from specific contexts provide insights into new paradigms corresponding to their historical, social and economic framework and as a result, composers incorporate and mould ideas within texts as a reflection of context. The capacity of thematic concerns to transcend time are manifested within Mary Shelley s 19th century gothic novel Frankenstein (1818) and Ridley Scott s dystopian science fiction film Blade Runner (1992) as both pose markedly similar existentialist discourses regarding the fate of humanity. Through Frankenstein , Shelley s romantic approach condemns humanity s intrusive assumption as creator during an era where scientific hubris prompted people to abandon the metaphysical aspects of life,†¦show more content†¦In addition, both texts examine the significance of what it means to be human and its relevance to each respective context. In Frankenstein, Shelley juxtaposes Frankenstein to the creature in an attempt to highlight the integral qual ities of the human condition. Initially, profound ambition takes over Frankenstein as Shelley prefigures his exclusion from companionship and natural world, shown in his emaciated depiction through bleached imagery - so thin and pale. However, despite Frankenstein s preoccupation in science, the motif of nature as a regenerative force allows him to return to the sublime natural world and evoke his spiritual renewal, depicted through pathetic fallacy - the flowers of spring bloomed into the hedges, whilst drawing a literary allusion to Wordsworth s Tintern Abbey . The epistolary tale allows responders to experience what the creature is feeling as opposed to Frankenstein s emotions as the creature is exposed to the harsh nature of society and becomes a product of the cruel world. Juxtaposed to Frankenstein however, the creature presents more human qualities than Frankenstein as theShow MoreRelatedFrankenstein, By Victor Frankenstein988 Words   |  4 PagesLane Johnson Mr. Jones English 12 Honors/4th Period March 15, 2015 Victor Frankenstein and his creation surprisingly share many of the same characteristics. Even though Frankenstein is an ugly, unwanted creature, he and Victor withhold an obvious connection throughout the novel. However, Victor and Frankenstein also share their differences as well. Victor was raised in a very caring and loving home. His parents gave Victor everything he wanted and Victor grew up with great friends. Victor’s parentsRead MoreFrankenstein And Frankenstein Essay1474 Words   |  6 Pagesfictional characters, most famously in John Milton’s Paradise Lost, in 1667, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, in 1818. The complexity of the characters in these texts creates the theme of nature versus nurture before they diverge and arrive at differing conclusions. Many critics arose over the years to contest the main character of Milton’s epic. Shelley, arguably Milton’s greatest critic, wrote Frankenstein to contrast her views on the conflict between creator and creation. She also uses an unconventionalRead MoreFrankenstein1009 Words   |  5 PagesMary Shelly’s Frankenstein seems to be an exact representation of the ideas of the 17th century philosopher John Locke. In Locke’s â€Å"An Essay Concerning Human Understanding,† he talks about the idea that we as humans are all born with a ‘blank slate’ that contains no knowledge whatsoever and that we can only know that things exist if we first experience them through sensation and reflection. In Frankenstein, the monster portrays Locke’s ideas of gaining knowledge perfectly through worldly experienceRead MoreFrankenstein: Technology1728 Words   |  7 PagesFrankenstein: Technology In Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus, written in the late nineteenth century by Mary Shelley, Shelley proposes that knowledge and its effects can be dangerous to individuals and all of humanity. Frankenstein was one of our first and still is one of our best cautionary tales about scientific research.. Shelleys novel is a metaphor of the problems technology is causing today. Learn from me. . . at least by my example, how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledgeRead MoreFrankenstein Critique866 Words   |  4 PagesAs Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, she poured much time into portraying her characters and making them believable and life-like. Her scenes are painted with beautiful, descriptive words that are colored with vivid emotions and applicable morals. Her life experiences were strategically placed in her writing to convey a sense of reality and completion of plots and subplots. Her experience with failed love ties in with the emotion that she expresses the loneliness of Frankenstein’s creation. She developsRead MoreCharacters in Frankenstein1261 Words   |  6 PagescenterbExamine the way in which characters are portrayed in the novel./b/center br brIn the novel Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, the characters have been portrayed effectively. Much of the interactions between characters, and characteristics of the characters have been based on events which have occurred in Shelley s own life, or th ey represent what she believes is important. For example, Victor is portrayed as having a strong passion for science, and a poor understanding ofRead MoreFrankenstein : The Way Frankenstein, And His Creation1275 Words   |  6 Pagesprevalent in Shelly’s novel is the way Frankenstein, and his creation, are controlled by their emotions. Frankenstein is continually ruled by his feelings of fear, guilt, and love throughout the novel. For instance, he works for nearly two years to accomplish his goal of creating life, only to immediately flee because of fear when his work comes to life. This was a major illustration for the reader that despite being an experienced scientist Frankenstein was still ruled by emotions. In a largeRead More Mary Shelleys Frankenstein - Victor Frankenstein is to Blame1046 Words   |  5 PagesVictor Frankenstein is to Blame Can an intense appetency for the pursuit of knowledge result in fatal consequences? In most situations when a strong desire is present consequences are seldom taken into consideration. In the novel, Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein pursues knowledge in an obsessive manner that blinds him to the possible effects. Victor Frankenstein is the primary cause of his creatures desolation. Indeed, Victor Frankenstein is at fault for the creatures isolation andRead More Victor Frankenstein is the Monster in Mary Shelleys Frankenstein566 Words   |  3 PagesVictor Frankenstein is the Monster in Mary Shelleys Frankenstein   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Through out the novel we are under the assumption that the demon in the novel is the man who is disfigured and hideous on the outside. While we view Victor Frankenstein as the handsome and caring victim, even though sometimes a monster cannot be seen but heard. Looks can be deceiving but actions are always true.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  We first view Frankenstein’s ignorance while he is busy in his work. He had not visited his family forRead More Frankenstein Essay572 Words   |  3 Pages In Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein, the powerful creature represents the physical manifestation of the ugliness and selfishness of Victor’s desires as well as being the solution for his need to escape from the elements that threaten his way of life. Victor chose to embark on the arduous task of creating what he perceived as perfection. To him, this creation was intended to be both intelligent and powerful, immortal and beautiful. He was seeking the perfect humanoid entity that he thought would be

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Essay on Economic Repercussions of Tourism in the Caribbean

Economic Repercussions of Tourism in the Caribbean The tourism industry is one of the largest contributors to the world GDP. It employs millions worldwide and provides a livelihood for nations and individuals alike. Focussing on a more specific economy - the economy of the Caribbean - a similar picture emerges. Much of the population has found employment in industries directly related to tourism and many more have done so in industries indirectly related to tourism. Albeit, there lurks a reality that defies this rosy illusion. The adverse effects of tourism on the economy are many and significant. In the long run, few clear advantages are visible. For countries of the Caribbean, that support their total national revenue†¦show more content†¦Since the islands rely so heavily upon the flow of capital from the tourist sector, they can easily be devastated financially if even the slightest natural phenomena occur. Volcanoes and hurricanes - two common and well known natural disasters - are quite frequent in the Caribbean, owing to the physical geography of the regions. Such events can easily deter potential tourists and sent the economy into a downward spiraling recession, amplifying the challenge of recovery. The increased demand for goods that ensues subsequent to the establishment of tourism as the primary contributor to national income leads to an unprecedented demand for products and services. And as according to the dictates of the laws of supply and demand, as inflation beings to skyrocket, the purchasing power parity of individuals plummets. This imbalance between an extremely high aggregate demand and a relatively inelastic aggregate supply (in part due to the short time frame) places locals in a difficult position. High costs of living necessitate drastic changes in traditional lifestyles and often lead to poverty; these events in turn result in even greater social and economic chaos. Unlike the development of high-tech industries by public and private sector contributions, heavy investment in tourism yields few other advantages, especially in digital communications networks. To illustrateShow MoreRelatedThe And The Caribbean Islands : A Shared History Essay1623 Words   |  7 PagesHawai`i and the Caribbean Islands: A Shared History Jane Desmond’s â€Å"Let’s LÃ… «`au,† a chapter in her book Staging Tourism: Bodies on Display from Waikiki to Sea World, discusses the development of the â€Å"destination image,† the staged attempts to give visitors a sense of Hawaiian culture, as well as contrasts between dancing hula for a performance and as a lifestyle. She claims that visual preconceptions of Hawai`i, along with the environment that is staged for the tourist, has created and perpetuatedRead MoreGrenada Revolution1278 Words   |  6 Pagesousted in a bloodless takeover and the Peoples Revolutionary Government (PRG) came to power, headed by Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. Under Bishop, Grenada aligned itself with Cuba and other Soviet bloc countries, which alarmed the U.S. and other Caribbean nations. The people of Grenada adored Bishop, but the Reagan administration viewed him as diabolically suspicious, particularly for his close relationship with the Cuban government. In his 1983 Hu nter College speech, Bishop mockingly paraphrasedRead MoreTrouble Of The Thaw Of U. S Cuban Relations1748 Words   |  7 Pagespotentially help the seemingly socio-economically stagnant Island of Cuba globalize or destroy its sovereignty and exploit its members. Thus I raise the question of: will having the United States of America restore ties with Cuba serve to benefit the Caribbean Island? Although president Obama may condone efforts to rekindle ties amongst the two nations, there are individuals who stand in opposition. Marta Nunez Sarmiento, is a professor in the Department of Sociology and a researcher at the Centre forRead MoreThe Impact of Scuba Diving on Marine Biodiversity1341 Words   |  6 Pagesbe the emphasis in this study (Barker and Roberts, 2004). The positive aspect of diving tourism is the economic gain from user fees which help recompense towards reef management, however it comes with greater repercussions for the coral reefs (Barker and Roberts, 2004).It is clear that coral reefs are a valuable but vulnerable assets to the scuba diving tourism industry, but that with the growth of reef tourism, damage from reef users must be addressed (Barker and Roberts, 2004). Corals are generallyRead MoreCaribbean Business Environment3165 Words   |  13 PagesTABLE OF CONTENTS TOPIC PAGE Executive Summary 3 Background 4 Economic Environment 5 Social Considerations 6 - 7 Political Considerations 7 - 8 The Industrial Relations Climate 8 - 9 The Current State of the Private Sector 9 -10 Technological and Infrastructural Capabilities 10 - 11 Conclusion 11 Appendix 12 Bibliography 12                EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the factorsRead MoreCuba - International Marketing2910 Words   |  12 PagesACADEMY OF ECONOMIC STUDIES FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUBJECT: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING STUDENTS: ICHIMOAEI VICTOR-DRAGOS MIHAI MINODORA-ELENA GROUP 133, SERIES A PROJECT THEME: CUBA TABLE OF CONTENT: 1. HISTORY 2. GOVERNMENT 3. PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT 3.1. LOCATION 3.2. CLIMATE 3.3. RESOURCES 4. RELIGION AND LAW 5. PERSONAL COMMUNICATION 6. CULTURE 6.1. MUSIC 6.2. SPORTS 7. ECONOMY AND MARKETINGRead MoreEnvironmental Effects of Tourism on Thai Coral Reefs3489 Words   |  14 PagesThe tourism industry has grown exponentially over the previous twenty years, it is now a worldwide industry, both in terms of tourists and host destinations, and ‘is no longer confined to the developed countries that traditionally provided the demand for world travel’ (Page Connell, 2006, pp.4). World leaders have long been recognising the huge economic advantages that a booming tourism industry can bring to their nations, and vast amounts of money have been invested set up the infrastructure toRead Morehow globalization and environmental sustainability influence strategic management14776 Words   |  60 PagesGLOBALIZATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY CHAPTER 9 Chapter 9 Globalization and environmental sustainability Economic globalization has multiple implications for environmental sustainability. The interactions are so numerous and so complex that it would be simplistic to affirm that the two are in conflict. Indeed, there are neither theoretical reasons nor adequate or conclusive empirical evidence to show that the relationship between globalization and environmental sustainabilityRead MoreThe Walt Disney Company11417 Words   |  46 Pageschildren and adults alike, and most of the Studio Entertainment division’s accolades come from the Walt Disney Picture studio which produces children’s films. However, Disney has also profited from films such as The Aviator and The Pirates of the Caribbean series, both rated PG-13. The Walt Disney Company distributes produced and acquired films (including its film and television library) to the theatrical, home entertainment, pay-per-view, video-on-demand, pay television and free-to-air televisionRead MoreRacism and Ethnic Discrimination44667 Words   |  179 Pagesdifferences, discrimination, and racism 4.2.1 Spanish Conquest and its repercussions in Indigenous cultures of the Pacific, Central and North 4.2.2 English colonization in the Caribbean Coast region 4.2.3 The Liberal policy in the Caribbean Coast: internal colonization 4.2.4 Afro-descendent communities in Nicaragua 4.2.5 Colonization through development models on Indigenous land 4.2.6 The autonomy process in the Caribbean Coast Development of a normative juridical framework 4.2.6

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Fathers True Form free essay sample

I wish I could remember the exact day my family changed forever. I wish I could remember the emotions that I felt in my 5 year old mind when my parents told me that my father would be traveling to Nigeria for a year or two. I’m sure my young mind didn’t fully comprehend the gravity of the situation, but I’m certain that I felt a sense of pride; my father was going back to his home country to make a difference! Although I dont remember the day my father started commuting back and forth from Dallas to Nigeria, I do remember growing up without a steadfast male figure in my life. Even now, 12 years later, I still pause and try to decipher how a year or two morphed into over a decade and counting. My father’s absence in my childhood and adolescent years has and always will have both a negative and positive impact on my past actions, our relationship, and my present character. We will write a custom essay sample on Fathers True Form or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page During my early adolescent years, which showcased the conventional teenage rebellion and identity crisis, it was extremely difficult growing up without a father at home. My mother has always worked more than full time; leaving the house before the sun came up and coming home when all of her four kids were fast asleep. In a way growing up without constant parental supervision was a good thing for me, because I learned how to take care of myself and took the reins of independence. Constantly being surrounded by my older siblings made me more mature and all the conflicts we had made me desire to be a lawyer. However, I still yearned for that father daughter relationship that my oldest sister and father still shared and the guidance my oldest brothers gained from my dad at an early age. By the time I was 14 my emotions started showcasing in my actions and I struggled with decisions; even now at age 17 I can honestly say I didn’t make some of the best choices. Some may say it was the lack of parental supervision, but I say what does it matter why I did the things that I did? All that matters are the lessons I learned from them. I overcame all that life threw at me and now I am a better person because of it! By default my father is the reason that I live by these three rules: Honesty is always the best policy, no matter what the situation is; One should always think first to understand, and then to be understood because no one is perfect; All things can be conquered through hard work. Later in my teenage years it was very common to see me and my father butting heads when he came home to visit. If he said turn left I argued that I wanted to turn right. If I wanted to color a room white he wanted to color it black. It was a never ending cycle of confrontations and conflict, and almost overnight daddy’s little girl turned into daddy’s biggest rival. I made myself believe that my father and I were complete opposites and that was the way that it would always be. We saw each other’s faults and differences but shut our eyes to each other’s strengths and similarities. However, there are moments of impact that prove potential for change and these moments of impact can either make or break a situation, a relationship or a lifetime of negative emotions. My father and I had one of those moments of impact that turned our relationship around. Now instead of viewing my father as a stranger who visits every three months, I see him in his true form: a hardworking, strong, honest man of God who has sacrificed the luxury of his home and the comfort of his family to bring about change in his home country, and to provide me and my family with a better life. And because of that I will always be thankful. So in the end, father and daughter saw each other’s true form and I was able to admire my traits that I see in him. Today I can say that I owe my efficient, determined, veracious and responsible character to my father. Now we are both able to appreciate each other for the good and even the bad; and I am and always will be proud to say that I am the daughter of Jeff Scott*, the man who strives to do it all.